Tuesday 10 May 2016


Thank you all so much for your kind and supportive comments on my previous post. You guessed right, family and friends are very proud of the founder of Enschede Textielstad. It takes a lot of courage and determination to start a weaving mill from scratch. She's working crazy hours, but in between making tough business decisions and preparing the looms for production she did read your reactions and the cheering is highly appreciated!

If you want to follow the search for spare parts, the cleaning of the hardware and other adventures you can now follow @Enschedetextielstad on Instagram (in English).

Over here normal service will be resumed. April was unusually cold, with unseasonal snow and hail storms. Not very inspiring to sew spring garments but things are much better now.

And there's more good news: ten weeks after his accident Mr Foxgloves is as good as new again!

Time to make some spring sewing plans! On top of the list is Concord tee #2.

More on that soon!


  1. So pleased all is going well with your daughter's incredible venture and that MR Foxgloves has healed and back on the road to full recovery. I hope your spring sewing plans go well. Here in Australia, especially on the East Coast we are still experiencing very warm weather and winter clothes are far from my mind. We will all wear out our summer clothes this year I think.

    1. Your autumn beats our spring, Marjorie. During the weekend we're going to need our winter coats again. Brrrr!