Thursday, 12 May 2016

Review Knipmode June 2016

Is it me, or are pattern magazine release dates moved forwards? On May 7th the June issue of Knipmode entered my mailbox. Not complaining! It's all about summer dresses and it's making it hard to stick to my plans to make more separates. 

Pattern overview Knipmode 6/2016

Bright colours, lovely necklines, nice seaming details. Yellow dress #8 has interesting neckline features at the back and green dress #7 may look simple at first sight but it has good fitting options.

Asymmetric dress #11 is pattern of the week, which means there's a discount offer for the pdf . I like the style, but I'm not sure how the asymmetric princess seams will work. Will they twist? It will be interesting to see this dress made up!

Knit dresses #1 to 5 are variations on the same pattern. Lots of mix&match options, and all views come in one pdf. I really like the maxi dress for warm summer days in the garden.

You can't go wrong with a lace dress for summer, or a top with lace inserts.

Maxi dress #13 has an open back with twisted ties, lovely if you can afford to go braless!
Just like in last month's special the patterns in this picture are shown in both size 36 and size 46.

So far so good. But.....alarm bells going off!

Look at the upper right corner of the front page! The June issue says 'Patterns in sizes 34 to 54' while previous front pages mentioned 'All patterns in sizes 34 to 54'. 
A small but significant difference.
It came as an unpleasant surprise for a lot of Knipmode readers when the pretty lingerie collection, used as a teaser in the preview, was only available in a very limited size range.

None of these patterns are available in size 34 or above 46, in fact only those readers with either size 40 or 42 can make both slips as well as the slip dress without having to grade up or down. (Not discussing the bras, as cup sizes vary so much). I sincerely hope this is not a forebode of changing policies regarding sizing!

Disclaimer: this review contains no affiliate links. I paid for my copy and all opinions are my own.


  1. The wrap dresses are really nice! The dress #7 looks interesting as well. What a shame that they did not release underwear patterns in more sizes :( I would complain!

    1. I'm so not into sewing underwear! (But a lot of others did complain on social media). My main concern is we're going back to how it used to be. You watched the preview, liked a few things and then it turned out those patterns were only available in a too small or way too big size. I love the concept where every pattern comes in 11 sizes!

  2. You are eagle eyed. I hadn't noticed that about the sizing. It's rather annoying as I think the slip is really pretty. I was miffed there wasn't a wrap included! I do hope they're not going back to their old ways. I really like that all patterns are in all sizes. It's really refreshing.

    I agree that this is a super issue. It makes you want to throw all your sewing plans out of the window!

    1. It will be interesting to see what happens next. For the July issue Knipmode announced a collection by a famous Dutch designer but so far they have not answered questions about the sizing of those designs.

  3. I picked up this issue a couple of weeks ago passing by Schipol, and I was equally surprised to see that it was already June! It got me asking myself: wait, what day is today? On the other hand, I totally agree that the collection of dresses is stunning, I would like to make them all! I agree it is unfair to tease people with nice garments but only present a few sizes, I hope this is not going to happen again! Thank you for your lovely review as usual!