Saturday 9 June 2018

Roses all over: Vogue 8379

Around this time of year I often feel the urge to sew all the rose prints. This is probably triggered by my view from the breakfast table, which is so beautiful in June.

View 2018 and 2015 (Knipmode top)

My most recent rose print summer garment is this Knipmode top, made in 2015. The reason why it took me three years to add another rose covered outfit is that's it's quite a challenge to find a bright print with the right scale. As much as I like Liberty, Laura Ashley or Cath Kidston rose prints on others, they're just not working on me. Imagine my jump for joy when I discovered this (now sold out) large print in the online shop of TST stoffen:

Rayon jersey with a lovely drape meant the pattern was a no brainer: Vogue 8379. I've used this pattern before for four dresses and a top.

This new wrap dress is basically the same as my jungle dress.

Adjustments I've made to the pattern:
* Lengthened the bodice by 2,5 cm
* Used interfacing for the ties
* Lengthened the ties by 25 cm
* Omitted the facings. Turned under and stitched the seam allowances instead.
* Left off the cuffs and shortened and slightly tapered the sleeves

I'm very happy with how this turned out. The ideal summer dress that rolls up to almost nothing in your suitcase!

Totally ready for summer!