Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The hills are alive...

This weeks Leading ladies challenge of Project Sewn made me think of this picture. Anyone else thinking Sound of Music?

Although Maria von Trapp's curtains provided her with ample fabric to dress seven (!) children, after cutting my Capri pants I only had tiny leftovers from my piece of home decor fabric. Just enough to make cropped trousers for a two-year-old. Which then led to a request from her five-year-old sister and the search for more flowery fabric.

Funny, I can't remember my pants being so baggy. Apparently upholstery fabric behaves better while sitting on it than sitting in it during a long car drive?

My, look at that waistline! Where did that go? Ehmmm, what's that other song again?
Crisp apple strudles
and schnitzel with noodles
these are a few of my favourite things

On the other hand, I'm pretty impressed with my choice of footwear! Running after little ones at a German Autobahn Raststätte in high heels!

And no, I'm not using a cell phone. This picture was taken in 1991, when mobile phones looked like this:


  1. This is probably my all time favorite movie. You and your girls are so cute.

    1. O yes, mine too! I'm often singing along with the soundtrack while sewing #guiltypleasure