Thursday 8 May 2014

Fabric frenzy

Isn't this a peek at paradise? Eye candy deluxe? This is only one of the 140 fabric stalls at StoffenSpektakel, a touring circus of fabric sellers, visiting various cities in The Netherlands and Belgium twice a year.
Since we don't have any big chain stores like Jo-Ann's and recession led to the closing down of many small retailers I often find myself hindered by limited choices in fabrics. Of course I could order online but I much prefer touching and stretching, feeling the weight and judging the colour in real life. So whenever the StoffenSpektakel makes a stop less than 50 km from my home I'm game!
During yesterday's event in Apeldoorn fabrics were offered from 1.50 to 200 euros/meter, the latter being exquisite haute couture silks.

Some beautiful digital prints were on display. How about a shift dress, showing excerpts of Rembrandt van Rijn's 1642 painting of the Night Watch?

Needless to say my stash got company. Lots of knits for shirts, dresses and skirts. Can't wait to start another Mabel in croco print (!) but I don't want y'all to start thinking I'm a one-trick pony. So I'll behave myself and make some dresses first.

Happy stitching!


  1. Delicious - do enjoy (I am sitting here envying you at the moment :)).

  2. looks fun, wish I could shop there!