Tuesday 13 May 2014

Stepping out of my comfort zone

I love colour, I know how to work with texture, but prints? Not so much lately. When I look at my stash the solids rule. 

See? Some plaids, but I feel these looked better on the bolt than on me. Just not that inspired by them.

So when I felt strangely attracted to a flowery fabric last week I did some soul searching. Been reading some wild sewing blogs? Influenced by magazines? Or perhaps it was my husband's remark about me making 'safe choices' in my sewing lately? Touché! I already noticed that myself.

Back to the fabric store and this flowery fabric. To buy or not to buy?
It's not that often I find a fabric that speaks to me like this one did, so of course, it went with me.

Ever since I've been torn between 'Awesome fabric!' and 'What was I thinking? Was I low on sugar when I bought this?'
Only one way to find out. Cut it! Make it into a Moneta dress!

When I saw this week's theme for the Project Sewn sew along I decided now is the time to grab my scissors and attack those giant flowers!


  1. Good for you for giving it a go, though you have some very nice things in your stash, I see! (Now I don't feel so bad about the size of my stash...) My wardrobe was all blacks and grays until I started sewing again.

  2. I'm not much of a print person either, even though I find them really beautiful and am blown away by how people are able to use them to such great effect. I look forward to seeing your Moneta dress and hopefully, it will be a success and you'll love it!

  3. Lovely fabric! Good luck with the make - I hope you love it.

  4. Best wishes.. I love the fabric.I think it will be a pretty Moneta..

  5. I see what you mean - quite different - but at least you can wear the bright colours. This could look really striking, I think. Love your stash, by the way.

  6. Hello,we are often going to choose classical print,and to change is not easy when the stash is full,full.
    I have always a great speaking with myself when i buy a new fabric:do i need it?That is the question?
    i think your dress will be fantastic!