Sunday 16 February 2014

You know you're turning into a sewing nerd when....

.... you find yourself melting a big chunk of Slovakian beeswax, turning your kitchen into a scene bearing a striking resemblance to Walter White's rolling meth lab.

The results are what I hoped for: nicely shaped beeswax figures, a treat for all sewing members of the Foxgloves family. For those of you who don't know how to use this notion that will take your hand sewing to the next level I recommend reading this article

Valentine gifts!

Another sign of developing a one track mind is when you start analyzing the fit of players outfits during an exciting ATP World Tour tennis match. A few years ago I was watching Andy Murray playing at the ABNAmro tournament in Rotterdam. He was wearing an extremely oversized shirt. After each serve or return his shirt was all over the place. One couldn't help thinking this guy was in urgent need of a shoulder adjustment. This week I witnessed another Murray match at the same venue. 
Can you imagine my surprise? Look at that sleeve! Sheer perfection! 

Needless to say he won in straight sets.

Of course I already knew Andy had great taste in furry assistants, now I admire his taste in tennis gear too.

The Wimbledogs

The next player in need of some fitting advice showed up later at Centre Court.
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was compulsively pulling up the hem of his bermuda by at least 6 inches after every rally.
He was not playing his best game, was easily distracted and lost the match.
I almost shouted : "Darling, go hem those pants!" but I had to bite my tongue.
Don't think hubby would take me out again if I behaved like an officer of the fitting police en plein public. 

The moral of this story: some players seem to be so worried about feeling restricted by fitted outfits that they fail to notice the obvious: the irritation caused by ill fitting outfits could influence their play as well. Food for thought for the sponsors? It's not just about a new color, or the right sized logo. Fit matters!

Or is it me, seeing the world through sewing nerd glasses?


  1. Oh, I can completely relate about sewing nerd-dom. My son came home with directions for making a Greek chiton (toga) out of a sheet for a school play, and I tried to make it into a Hollywood costume from Ben Hur.

    1. Oh dear, was he pleased or embarrassed? My guess is most boys aren't keen to win the school Oscar for best costume design ;)