Thursday 20 February 2014

Start the Serger, day one, first project

I did it! My first serger project: a skirt in black jersey. 

There's not much to tell about the construction: threading the serger took almost twice as long as sewing the skirt. (Room for improvement on the threading part but thanks to all your great tips I hope to set a new personal best time tomorrow). I found a tutorial by Portia but whether it was due to my hip/waist ratio, my fabric or my technical skills, I had to redo the waistband. I cut some extra 4 inches off  and it still feels a bit loose. But it's a promising start!

Next experiment : a Deer & Doe Plantain top. To be continued!


  1. Such a cute skirt, Marianne! Congratulations on your first serger project, as well! It's such an addictive little machine, once you get going. It has cut my sewing time in half, I swear. Good luck on your Plantain!

  2. OH yes, and now the serger got ME going. Suddenly my desk is full of patterns I want to sew!