Monday 10 February 2014

Finished wrap dress

Vogue 8379 is finished, and just like the furry assistent I don't really know what to think of it. It was an easy make with some little adjustments. The shoulders were a bit too wide, I took out 1,5 cm before putting in the sleeves. I took out some of the fulness of the skirt and lengthened it by 15 cm, aiming for the top of my boots. 

A (badly lighted) picture from the sewing room which shows the pattern's potential for a sleeveless summer dress.

I omitted the facings and instead used some fusible tape and turned the sides under. I added a small gingham ribbon to stabilize the back neckline and the shoulders and used the rest of the ribbon to make hanging loops.

What more is there to say? It's a very classic dress, bordering on boring. As I wrote in an earlier post, my intention was to make this dress in a very rich purple. Perhaps that would have provided the wow-factor it is now lacking.

On to the next sewing adventure that hopefully results in a bigger smile!

Happy sewing!

EDIT: After receiving lots of positive feedback, in the comments, by mail and in real life, I think I've been to hard on this poor dress. 

After seeing these pictures of a 300 euro LK Bennett dress I am even considering a second make with a slightly shorter and straighter skirt, and maybe in a print resembling the one used for the dress on the right.


  1. I think it's a gorgeous dress, not boring at all.

  2. I really like this dress! And I think it suits you beautifully - even though it might not be unusual. A sleeveless summer dress would be lovely too!

  3. I've yet to tackle a wrap dress, I think you did a great job!

  4. Really nice - blue is such a versatile colour - not boring at all, but so, SO useful! Hope you get lots of wear out of this staple.

  5. It's a beautiful dress in this color and on you as well!

  6. I have to agree with the other comments, this dress looks lovely and really suits your colouring too. This navy blue is so versatile and the dress looks like it can be easily worn everyday as well as dressed up with accessories for it!

  7. Hi Marianne - I know what you mean by "boring" - but this is actually a very classic dress so I think it will come in very handy when you don't know what else to wear (a lot of my "not sure"garments go into this category!) The deep purple suits you well - but looking at other things you have made, perhaps you prefer more structured garments.

  8. Just the opposite....this dress does have the WOW factor, and you look fabulous!

  9. Thanks everyone for your kind comments! I just edited this post.

  10. Oh yes, you were a little too hard on this dress, because you look FAB in it!

    1. Would you believe I was planning a remake just around the time you posted this comment? It still doesn't get much wear, I feel the ponte fabric is a bit heavy weight. Room for improvement? Watch this space ;)