Tuesday 29 October 2013

Work in progress

October is coming to an end, which means I'm running out of time to finish my Garment of the Month. Well, at least I have a few pictures to show some progress has been made.
I attached the back pockets and the yoke, pressed and topstitched and went on to assemble the front pockets.

I used some cotton lawn for the pockets, added jeans appliquees to the visible part of the pockets and of course the little fifth pocket to the pocket back. I created a pocket stay by drafting a stay line up to center front. No more shifting pockets, and it flattens the tummy. Perhaps the latter is wishful thinking, but it won't hurt to try. On the picture below you can see how the pocket fronts run from side seam to center front.

The topstitching (midnight blue on midnight blue, what was I thinking?) is hard to see in pictures. Also hard to work on in artificial light conditions, and uhh, hard to see in general. Could have skipped that part, but I'm such a sucker for topstitching. So is my furry assistant who is in charge of quality control.

Tomorrow I we will be tackling the fly front and zipper.

That's all for the sewing. Oh, and I have to come up with another name in case this project results in a wadder. It's too late to be using it during apple picking season. We're done.


  1. Hi, I'll post your progress - I'm not hard with my rules, so just finish and I'll post it when you have :) You've done so much work and they are looking fantastic.

    1. Haha, did you just give me the clear to finish my jeans on October 36?