Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Week theme: fitting

When I was slowly working my way through tracing and fitting the Vogue 7975 muslin I received a very special delivery from Jane of Lucky sew and sew. Jane offered a giveaway to celebrate her third blogaversary and her dog Lucky picked me as one of the winners.

Hi Lucky! Good boy! (picture: Lucky sew and sew)

The parcel from Maryland was inspected by his Dutch counterpart.
Note the little scissors, pincushions and spools on the envelope!

 Wow, such great timing! We had a terribly rainy weekend and I was very much into the fitting topic.

I read a lot of posts that referred to methods used in this book but had never laid my hands on a copy. Once I opened the book I started reading from cover to cover, breathlessly. Mennn, this book got more suspense than the latest Dan Brown. I just couldn't stop reading. Pati Palmer and Marta Alto, what took you so long to enter my sewing room? This is most definitely a sew-changing experience!
And there was more:

Fit week. See?
This book on sewing lingerie that fits, as tempting as it looks, will have to wait till I finished my LFJ, my Anna Dress and my Garment of the month jeans. It's already slightly overcrowded on my sewing desk. Oops. How did that happen?

Also in line with the fit theme of the week were some epic posts, written by Sunni at A fashionable stitch Develop a basic range of styles that fit you and use them over and over again.” 
I highly recommend Sunni's Focus on Fit posts to anyone struggling with fit issues!

Great food for thought while fitting my LFJ muslin. It's been a while since I made a pattern with princess seams and I almost forgot how relatively easy it is to make adjustments to these seams. Since V7975 is such a basic style, it is a wonderful pattern to use over and over again, adding design features, playing with fabrics and changing lengths. The perfect candidate to become one of my go to patterns. Extra incentive to get the fit spot on!

I rewatched some lessons from Susan Khalje's Couture dress class, checked my measurements set from the Joi Mahon fitting class and some tips from Lynda Maynards Sew the perfect fit (all on Craftsy) and of course I used the information from my new Palmer/Pletsch book. Thanks again, Jane!

The jacket fitting is almost ready, just some more tweaking on the sleeves.
Next job: jeans fitting. All hands on deck!

And here's one last secret message for Jane.

Psssst! Keep an eye on your mailbox!


  1. Oh, those terrier eyes, they get me every time. So glad the package made it to the Netherlands. Fitting is't fun but the results are so rewarding. And I am one who so agrees that a basic garment well-fited can turn into many lovely garments in our wardrobes. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  2. Where are the photos of your muslin???

    1. Busted! I'm running behind. Once my Japanese basting silk arrives I'll speed things up on the LFJ front!

  3. I've seen awesome reviews of Fit for Real People as well and really need to take a look at it. Can't wait to see what you think of the lingerie book. I've been trying to make a bra that fits and it has been a total CHALLENGE!

    Glad to see I'm not the only one still at muslin stage on the LBJ. :-D
    Have fun,

  4. Hi, those sorts of princess seams are so easy to fit, you are right:) Love your little canine helper .

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