Saturday, 26 January 2019

Casual winter wear: a half zip sweatshirt

Winter is here! And what better time to model your new sweater than during a snow shower?

When the January issue of Knipmode arrived there was one pattern that immediately attracted my attention. It reminded me of one of my all time favourite sweatshirts and I had not seen anything like this pattern in the last decade. At the same time I noticed many RTW brands carrying this type of half zip sweater, which was reassuring as apparently the style was on trend and I was not just recreating an image from the past.

KM1901-15 is online available as pdf or printed pattern in the Knipmode webshop.

Although it looks very comfortable as a dress as well (and I've seen a few pretty versions with contrasting fabric for the under collar pop up on Instagram), I really wanted a sweater version first. I'm not of fan of pockets in knits so I just cut off the pattern at my desired length.
It was easy sailing from there on, as the oversized nature and dropped shoulders meant that there were no fitting issues of any kind. The only adjustment I made was lengthening the sleeves with 5 cm, and then taking 1 cm off again after the final fitting round.

The fabric is a lovely pine green cotton knit with a brushed back. It is almost impossible to capture the shade, as inside it looks rather grey and in the garden it is, well, as green as the taxus and pines in the backdrop.

I'm pleased with the metal zipper as it provides a subtle focus point, like adding piping to the collar. This was one of the first garments sewn on my new machine and it was a perfect project to try out different feet, play with presser foot pressure and practice topstitching with the wider feed dogs. Very happy so far!

Back view

Side view

I prefer to wear the collar open and I like the look of some of my scoop neck Concord and Plantain tees underneath. 

But when it's -8 Celsius it's nice to zip up!

Whatever the weather, happy weekend!


  1. It looks pretty in the snow.

    I have a RTW sweatshirt exactly the same which I have had for at least 10 years and I love it too. It isn’t good enough for outside the house anymore but I always choose it at home for comfort and style (very scruffy but it’s still got it). Now I can recreate it, if I can find similar fabric.
    Jenny Larking

    1. I forgot to mention I used my scruffy 90s handmade sweatshirt as a template to check the sizing. I kept it all those years, broken zipper and all! It is now officially retired :)

  2. Looks great, especially with the metal zip and ball pendant zip-pull. Love also to see the snow falling in your photos. How I wish for the same weather here.

    1. Thanks. O yes, I feel for you. Cold weather is so much easier to deal with clothing wise than the scorching heat you're having down under!

  3. It looks great! I love the look of the dress version, too. Will you try that later? I'm glad you're enjoying your new sewing machine.

    1. Thank you. I'm not going to make the dress now, perhaps next autumn. I want to make a variety of things first with a silk blouse, pencil skirts and a spring jacket on top of the list.

  4. Looks fabulous, that neckline turned out so well and the colour is lovely too.

  5. That looks ever so comfortable. Well done!