Thursday 1 January 2015

Looking back and making plans

From simple tops to a French jacket, sewing wise I've been all over the place in 2014. There were hits, misses and in betweens, so let's do a quick round up.

Best make

My lace Moneta dress. Underlined bodice, French seams, lace pattern matching and many hours of hand sewing. I've been wearing it a lot. It's nice to have a dress that's ready for any party.

Most useful addition to my wardrobe

Without doubt the three Mabel skirts I made so far. Very versatile, filling gaps in my wardrobe. Blogged herehere and here.

Unexpected win

Refashioned peplum top, made by cutting up a frumpy wrap dress.

Favourite dress

This floral Moneta dress always brings a smile on my face!

Most worn

The Deer & Doe Plantain, blogged Before Tripod. It's been worn to death.

Biggest miss

The By Hand London Anna dress. This may come as a surprise because it's my most popular blogpost by far, but I should have listened to my gut feeling. It's not fancy enough for formal wear, I do like my evening gowns to be sleeker. Too much fabric in the skirt. My husband says I look like I'm off to sing in a Very Serious Choir. Nothing wrong with serious choirs but it was not the look I was after (and it can't be unseen now). Maybe I can give the dress a second chance as summer lounge wear by teaming it with beaded sandals and colourful bracelets. Early 70's vibe, anyone?
I think my initial enthusiasm was caused by the bolero jacket. I like it very much and I've worn it on various occasions with a black cocktail dress.

I asked my husband about his favourites. He picked three, because he liked the silhouettes. 

Mabel skirts left and right, in the middle Lekala 8004.

What can I say? If you open any style guide and look for a full hourglass figure these outfits are following all the rules. V-neck, fitted, emphasis on the waist.
When I'm not blinded by shiny new patterns I know what to go for.

As for pattern companies: in 2014 I made patterns from Knipmode, Burda, Vogue, Simplicity, Lekala, Colette Patterns, By Hand London, Deer&Doe and SBCC.
Personal preference: Vogue designer patterns and Burda.

However, looking back I notice that usually any project I pick is the opposite of its predecessor. Sewing simple knit patterns is followed by something more challenging, after sewing a neutral solid I crave for loud and floral. Like I said, all over the place! And why not? I'm wearing everything I make and with only one exception I like it all!
I started the year 2014 with one rule: No Rules!
No restrictions, no limitations, no deadlines.
It really worked for me.
So here's to another year of no rules in the sewing room.

Thank you so much my dear sewing friends all over the world for your inspiration, support and helpful comments. It's been a wonderful year.

I wish you all a very happy, inspired and colourful New Year!

Edit: although I did not follow all the rules I forgot to mention this post was inspired by Gillian. Thanks Gillian, I really enjoyed reading all round ups!


  1. Happy New Year and wishing you many happy sewing hours in 2015.
    I like very much your favourite garments for 2014. You understand your style and it works so beautifully for your body shape.

    1. Thanks, Marjorie. Wishing you many happy sewing hours too!

  2. What a perfect retrospective of your sewing year. Thank you for sharing - I am looking forward to seeing what wonderful new creations you fashion in 2015. Happy New Year!

    1. Likewise, Karen! A new post from you always makes my day!

  3. A lovely selection of your creations. I especially like your wrap dress conversion into top. I have done a similar thing when I chopped a so-so dress in half and made a skirt and top which I wear quite a lot separately.

    1. It's surprising what you can do when you try your scissors on a 'nothing to lose' garment ;)

  4. That's a nice selection of makes, and some good pattern recommendations, too! You're certainly a good sport about Mr. Foxglove's crack about "the very serious choir." I would have given my husband an evil look and a few choice words. Happy New Year!

  5. You can't blame a guy for being right!