Monday, 29 December 2014

Mabel meets a prince!

Ha! Do I look pleased with myself? I promised you better pictures of my latest Mabel skirt. Here it is, accessorized with a handsome prince!

Just before Christmas my husband and I went to see Dutch National Ballet perform Christopher Wheeldon's Cinderella in Amsterdam. It was one of the occasions I planned to wear my (still unfinished) Christmas dress to, but sometimes you need a Plan B. My red and black Mabel skirt was just what I needed.

During intermission and after the show I checked out the prince's costumes,  beautifully made garments with lots of hand sewn details.

After the show we waited patiently while the prince was signing autographs for his fans and talking to little Cinderella's, probably all dreaming of a ballet career.

When there were no booklets or posters left to be signed it was time for a very important question. "Wanna grab a beer?"

"Sure!", said Prince Guillaume, also known as Mr. Canal Couture. The prince quickly changed into his jeans, and that night Mr. Foxgloves, Miss Canal Couture, the prince and I drank beer and partied happily ever after!


  1. How nice to get close-up and personal.
    I have a neighbor who plays flute with our Portland philharmonic - when we went to the nutcracker performance, it was an added bonus to know someone.

    1. It's certainly a bonus to see someone you know well on stage! The prince is my daughter's longtime boyfriend and we like to see him dance as often as we can. I can imagine how hearing your neighbor play in the orchestra is adding to the fun!

  2. Well, he's family and I know he always longs for a beer after the performance :)

  3. Lucky lady to have a gorgeous prince in the family. Sending you all best wishes for 2015.

  4. Great skirt. Love it...... But I really want to know where to get accessories like that! Would make any outfit look great.