Sunday, 14 September 2014

Multiple Monetas and a sewing machine on fire

For OWOP 2014 (One Week One Pattern) I picked Colette's Moneta as my pattern. The aim of the challenge was to wear your favorite pattern throughout the week and show it's versatility. Hundreds of sewists all over the world joined in and it was fun watching those countless pictures on Instagram.

Day 1: Wearing my Monet inspired Moneta during a relaxed day in the sewing room.

Day 2: gardening in my Floral frenzy Moneta

Day 3: disaster day. As I was sitting in my sewing room, quietly pinning some pieces together, I heard a strange noise coming from my sewing desk. Then there was smoke. Lots of smoke. Coming from my beloved Bernina, yikes! More on that story in another post. Needless to say there was no finished Moneta peplum top at the end of that black day.

Day 4. What's a girl to do? Keep smiling, get dressed, in a repeat Moneta, and take the sewing machine for an emergency visit to the repair shop.

Day 5: I posted my 'if only' Moneta on Instagram. If only my Bernina had not been overnight in intensive care, this would have been my fourth Moneta dress. Now it was 3 meters of fabric, draped convincingly. Fooled anyone?

Day 6: look who's back! (Another repeat, now worn with a cardigan)

Day 7: The Grande Finale! For the last day of OWOP I picked my lace Moneta.

So, although things did not exactly go as planned, I enjoyed wearing these dresses and styling them with or without cardigans and with different accessories. For sure my Moneta collection will  get some new additions in the near future.

Day 8: OWOP, I can't stop! Lace, for a night at the ballet.

Cheers to Jane of Handmade Jane for hosting this inspiring edition of OWOP!


  1. Cheers to you too, thanks for participating! You have some great versions of the Moneta, but my favourite is the lace one - sssoooo chic! x

  2. Thanks, Jane! The lace one is my favourite too, I'm wearing it whenever I can!