Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sewing room organization

My thread stash was outgrowing it's dedicated space. Well, not just the thread stash, but for the sake of the year of No Rules in the sewing room I will deal with my fabric stash in due time. Promise.
I prefer to keep my thread in boxes, unfortunately the ones I picked last year were getting overcrowded to a point where searching for the right colour became a nuisance.

Luckily I found some much bigger boxes at the sale of HEMA, a Dutch department store. I have no idea what these boxes were meant for (definitely nothing sewing related) but they proved to be the perfect height for Gutermann spools.

So after spending some quiet time near the pond I came up with this improved arrangement. 

I also rearranged my machine needles. Am I the only one needing a magnifying glass to check the numbers on those unidentified needles that wander around my desk?? 
From now on I keep needles that have been used for just one project on a piece of pinked silk, next to their same sized pals. The yellow note on the cover tells me what needle is on duty in my machine right now.

It looks like Schmetz is finally adding colour codes, but until all my needles have been replaced by this new type I'm relying on this system.

Sewing wise this was not the best of posts, but after our summer break both my sewing room and I are prepared for new adventures, starting tomorrow!


  1. Oh, well done! I am at the point if needing to find a new system, too. Especially for the bobbins!

    1. Thanks for reminding me about the bobbin situation! I will take some bobbins out for a fitting session in one of the smaller boxes of the same line!

  2. I do the same - a note tells me what needle I have on the machine at any one time. I do the same for the serger needles. I also have a piece of fabric with needles in it that have only done a bit of sewing - I label each needle - just a felt pen on fabric, and I write the size under the needle - and whether it is a ball point or not.

  3. Very clever needle organization! Love your idea! Amazing that box looks like it was made for your threads! Your organization will make sewing so much more pleasurable.