Thursday 28 August 2014

All's well that ends well

Speaking of lousy timing! Just when temperatures dropped to an all time low for August I finished my sundress. Well, as you all know, Murphy was to blame for that. But never mind, at last we have a dress to discuss! It's a Moneta. Again? Yes! And thank you Handmade Jane for giving me an alibi to use this pattern for the third time this summer. I've been wearing my Floral frenzy Moneta to death and my Lace Moneta has been out for special occasions like ballet performances, concerts and dinner parties. So why not make another one? 

The fabric is a lightweight cotton jersey. I lined the bodice to get a clean neckline finish and I changed the sleeves to capsleeves. I lowered the front neckline (about an inch) and looking at the finished neckline I wish I'd lowered it a bit more.

The picture on the left shows there is hardly any difference between the front and back neckline. To make dressing less confusing in the foggy state of mind before my double espresso I added a little landmark. A simple cross stitch would do, but I'm such a fool for silly additions. For me this kind of detail transforms an ill fitting, grossly overpriced RTW garment into a must-have in the blink of an eye. 

Well, construction wise this flower was the only highlight worth mentioning. Some pictures of the inside:

Waist seam, stabilized with clear elastics and hemline, serged, folded and hand stitched

I asked my husband whether he liked my new dress. "New dress? You're kidding me! I've seen that one before!" I'd like to think this means I've nailed my signature style but maybe it's a sign I've used this pattern one time too many. Ouch!
I hate being predictable. So let's end with an innovation! Instead of kicking my tripod just outside the kitchen door and take some pictures on the usual spot I experimented. Yeah. That's why there are no pics of the back available, all out of focus or headless. But to show I'm no one trick pony I even tried a new pose! See?

Happy sewing!


  1. I love this on you! Absolutely lovely version.

  2. Perfect setting for this dress - it's a watercolour garden dress, after all :)

    I love the " is this the front or the back" addition.

    Husbands - I have just had my hair cut much shorter, and DH didn't notice at all!!!

  3. Very Monet! (A Monetta a la amonet, lol!) Also very flattering...I would make multiple version, too!

  4. I still vote for an autumn version in oxblood, or a LBD. Why change a winning team?!

  5. I love your dress. Lovely colours and a great neckline. Looks fabulous on you.

  6. Gorgeous dress, love the print. I think I will have to borrow your little extra idea the flower is so cute and a practical idea too - without a label I often have to stop and check whether I am putting on home clothes the right way round.

  7. So beautiful! A monet monetta!