Saturday 4 January 2014

Guess the color!

Last month I bought some fabric at an indoor market. At the time I was sure I bought a purple ponte knit. At least the ponte knit part was correct. Maybe I should listen to my optician after all but I prefer to blame the bad light conditions. Anyways, when I got home and unpacked it in plain daylight I discovered it was the kind of shade that looks blue next to purple and purple next to blue.

No matter what we call this color, I like it. Well, making a jacket or a skirt out of this would be asking for trouble. Finding matching prints for shirts is like searching for a needle in a haystack and I am done with wardrobe orphans. 
Okay, now that I have ruled out separates, how about a dress?
Let me think. January equals diet. Not the perfect time to make a garment that is very fitted at the waist.
How about a wrap dress?

Vogue 8379

Vogue 8379 will do the trick. I want to make view B with the longer sleeves but skip the collar. Now all I have to do is find some matching thread in the blue-ish / purple-ish department.

I'm prewashing the fabric while watching my new Craftsy class on sewing with knits.
Always nice to pick up some new tricks!

Happy sewing!

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  1. It's a beautiful color, whether it's blue or purple. I look forward to seeing the finished dress. I have that pattern too. Maybe yours will inspire me to get on with it!