Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Glueing in the garden

Since I had no time to waste I bought a downloadable pattern from the Colette shop. The PDF contained 48 pattern pages that had to be glued together. Not a job I was particularly looking forward to, so I waited for a sunny day and took the whole shebang outside. Note to self: there are downsides to working in a garden. Especially on a windy day.

Eventually the pattern was assembled, matching up all letters and numbers. The end result: a piece of paper that measured 1.25 x 1.60 meter. So glad I confiscated the garden table for this job!

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  1. Oh no! I love crafting on my back patio, but I feel your pain for when the wind messes up your plans! I just found you through Sew Many Ways and am now following you on blog lovin! I have a blog too, it is, come and follow me back. I love your blog, keep up the awesome projects! :)