Tuesday 10 January 2017

Knipmode January & February 2017, a double review

On the seventh day of the new year Knipmode February 2017 was dropped on my doormat. So, basically within days of setting my goals for the KnipmodeChallenge I was already two issues behind! For the sake of completeness I'll do a quick post including pattern overviews for both magazines, starting with the January magazine that was sadly neglected last month during decorating and cake making madness.

January was a Readers Request edition. A few months ago readers were asked to send pattern wishes to the editoral staff. These requests were translated into patterns. Not exactly a recipe for a coherent collection, but it was rather interesting to see what Knipmode readers would like to sew, and why, as they motivated their choice in a short interview.

Top row: art teacher chic dress, victorian blouse and a skort.
Bottom: bodyblouse, cardigan jacket and boyfriend jeans.

Note: nr 21 is a men's jacket

My personal shortlist of patterns for the sewing queue:

Clockwise: knit dress, knit top with draped cowl, button down shirt with interesting neckline and a fit and flare winter coat.

The theme of the February magazine is 'in between seasons'. Cardigans, sweaters and jackets, lots of layering. Sporty elements, preppy sweaters and biker jackets are on trend here, I just read a headline stating 'Biker is the new black'.

Top left is a knitting pattern, bottom right is a hand dyed skirt.

My shortlist:

Top row: two views of the same jacket (15 & 16), soft sweater and faux leather pencil skirt.
Bottom: long cardigan, wide legged trousers and (surprise!) trousers for mr Foxgloves.

Between January (men's jacket) and July a total of seven men's patterns will make an appearance in Knipmode. If I had sent a Readers Request it would have been just that!

Regarding the Knipmode Challenge: so far 12 people in 5 different countries joined on Instagram, blog or Pattern Review. It's never too late to make your own rules and sew along. Let's use those magazines and pdf's!


  1. Gosh their website is hard to use now! And that 'body blouse' is hilarious!

    1. Yep, it was a strange mix of weird patterns and patterns (like the boyfriend jeans) that were long overdue additions to the pattern library. Luckily there is evidence that at least one reader is happy with each pattern :) The website is a hot mess, especially when using Safari! Slightly better for Chrome.

  2. My subscription lapsed in the move, but based on these two magazines I'm sorely tempted to renew. As Fabric Tragic rightly says, their website is almost unusable. But to be fair, Burda isn't much better!

    1. Mine lapsed a few months ago, I bought a few mags in the supermarket. They now have very good subscription deals: 45 € for 12 issues, 72€ for 24. Couldn't say no to that!

  3. I just saw this knipmode challenge on IG...may I join too...will try to make up for january.I have a bunch of issues of KM and a 2 years subscripition. ..shame on me , I must sew more thinking what I am spending on patterns ☺

    1. Hi Camelia! Thanks for joining! I know the feeling: so many patterns, so little time....