Monday, 10 November 2014

The 'Hepburn' buttonhole scarf

This summer Julie of JetSetSewing shared a pattern for a 1950s inspired scarf. Julie made the scarf with her 'Swiss intern Karl', a Bernina 560. Last time I looked there were no handsome interns around chez Foxgloves but I do have one of Karl's ancestors working for me. His great-grandaunt happens to be my long term employee, since 1987. She recently underwent major surgery after a silly act of spontaneous combustion but she's fine now. Tough broad.
Just like her owner, she's always in for a good challenge. So when I found some pretty silk dupioni during a shopping trip in Amsterdam the two of us were ready for pattern testing!

The pattern can be found as a free download at We all sew . It's only 8 pages and it's a fun job to match up the stars while taping. On to the instructions!

The scarf is taken from an original 1950s design, and it has a little secret . . . it holds its flirty shape with some inside tucks and a big buttonhole.

Some tucks?  THERE'S 24 OF THEM!!

(Julie refers to them as 'tedious tucks' and the scarf will be fine without them) We're going for the full 50s 'oomph' and if 24 tucks is what it takes, well, 24 it is! 

Auntie may not have the looks, she still has the muscles and when she puts on her dancing shoes she makes a mean corded buttonhole!

Some more stitching and pressing and it's done! 

If you're looking for a nice little sewing project or a pretty Christmas gift I really recommend this pattern. Thanks for sharing, Julie & Karl!


  1. Wow, thanks for the shoutout, Marianne! You did an excellent job, and your scarf looks very festive. Now you understand why they're "tedious tucks"...but worth doing. I'mpressive buttonhole as well.
    Next time Karl is in Europe I'll be sure he looks up his Grandaunt, as it's clear he takes after her side of the family.

    1. We're ready to roll out the red carpet for Karl! It looks like the flash light enhanced the festive look of the scarf, in real life the silk is more toned down and less shiny!

  2. I love this scarf and it looks beautiful on you. Thank-you for this tutorial and my Swiss intern should be very happy to assist me in making one. I have never asked my Swiss intern (Bernina Artista 180) for her name or her cousins name (Bernina 930). I will ask and let you know as I am sure they will be related to yours.

    1. My Swiss employee is used to be called by her number (1030), like a brave soldier. It never harmed our close relationship ;)

    2. It's sounding to me that my Swiss intern is in fact part of a Swiss army. It's wonderful having Karl around, but I have put on a few pounds from the Raclette he's been fixing.