Wednesday 27 November 2013

Sorbetto saga, part 2

Foxgloves and thimbles proudly present................the Jasbetto!



The round neckline on the Sorbetto was not doing me any favors. The boxy style of the top meant I would only use it for layering, but it looked just too plain and neutral under a jacket or cardigan. Accessorizing was tough, the curve of the neckline did not look good with any of my shorter necklaces, while the front pleat clashed with the longer ones. That's when I decided this top needed a focal point.

Since it's Bow Neck month I gave the shorter version of the Colette Jasmine necktie a try.
I started by carefully removing the bias binding.

Then I altered the front neckline by using a Jasmine pattern piece. The Sorbetto curve at the back was much wider, so I drafted a new pattern piece for the back collar.

I had just enough leftover fabric to cut the collars, ties and loop.

Binding the new collar was a bit tricky. I was working with tiny second hand seam allowances and had to stretch the bias binding a bit because the neckline was slightly wider now. Hand sewing for extra control, the things we do to save a top!

But it worked! The finished Jasbetto is looking so much better. The neckline is really flattering and I can make it work in different outfits.

Layered with a warm cardigan
With a lightweight silk cardigan and white jeans 

And remember the jeans I'm making? Look at those pockets, isn't it a match made in heaven?
Soon those two will be joined together and live happily ever after.
Isn't that a happy ending for a sorry Sorbetto that turned into a Jasbetto princess?


  1. Great idea! This makes it much more 'you'!

    1. Breaking! Even your dad noticed my 'new' blouse ;)

    2. No surprise! I always thought the color was very flattering and now the fit a d style work as well. I have great expectations for the real Jasmin!

    3. * a d = and

      Somehow I cannot make any corrections to my comment, unless I reload the page?

      P.S. pendrell is still not finished. The side seams and hem are the last steps left.

  2. BRILLIANT idea! You outfoxed that UFO and turned it into something inspired!

  3. Hi Marianne - the new neckline looks lovely - I doubt I would have had the patience for that! Your sorbetto is certainly much nicer.

  4. I REALLY like your Jasbetto! I also downloaded the Sorbetto earlier this year, my first download pattern too, and it never moved up the que to be made because I was afraid of the very thing you spoke of. A couple of bloggers have drafted short-sleeve patterns to fit the Sorbetto that I'm considering adding to mine. Your top is so cute!

  5. Thanks, Lisa. I found the sleeves too, but I'm not sure for which size they were drafted. I learned my lesson. When in doubt: switch patterns! It would have been so much easier and faster to make a nice fitted top!

  6. Just found your blog. I love the Sorbetto and have made it four times, but I think your addition of the collar and bow has made it really something special. I would love to copy your idea but do I want to pay for Jasmine just to get a collar pattern? Not sure. Glad you found a way to rescue your top, it's too pretty to languish in the wardrobe.

    1. If you love the Sorbetto, I think you'll like sewing the Jasmine as well. But if you only want the collar, why not draft it yourself? Even when you buy the pattern it won't fit on the Sorbetto without alterations. So you could give it try, make a muslin collar and check the look on one of your existing Sorbetto's.